Stage Magic Show for corporate and special events

Stage Magic Show

A magic show for theaters, small stages or dinner banquets – The Amazing Corbin will entertain and delight with incredible magic, cons, swindles and sneaky tricks. A very interactive presentation with the most charming cheat you'd ever want to meet. During this incredible magic show, the audience will be captivated and engaged with sleight of hand, swindles and con-games of skill. The audience may know he’s cheating but they will never figure out how, and the final revelation of the night will blow them away! The show is great fun and everyone will leave feeling Amazed and Entertained!

"Your show met and exceeded all of our expectations.."

Sylvia Vanstory - McDougal Companies

Stage Magic Show Information:

  • Perfect for corporate events, weddings, house parties, hospitality events, fairs and festivals.
  • Magic, Theatre and Storytelling are combined with hilarious audience participation.
  • Unique and original magic effects your audience has not seen.
  • Award winning magician with over 23 years of performing experience.
  • Insured with $5 mil. liability.
  • The Amazing Corbin performs nation wide across Canada.

An astounding and funny audience engaging magic show.

The stage magic of The Amazing Corbin"Your show met and exceeded all of our expectations. The feedback that we received from your show was excellent."Sylvia Vanstory, McDougal Companies

"His enthusiasim and talent have been evident in each and every performance." C. Beechey Iron Horse Festival

"Corbin's enthusiasm, his funny jokes,and amazing magic are a wonderful part of the experience"Jo-Anne Cober, Leathertown Lumber

"Delivers what he promises!" LCM

"Went above and beyond!" Muskoka Steamship Association

"I look forward to passing on your contact information to others and anticipate a new adventure where you participate with McDonalds Restaurants again!" Kristy McPhee - McDonalds of Canada

Corporate Magician in Canada

SHOW Review

Jason Menard - Theatre in London

"The show moves along at a languid pace. It’s feels conversational in nature and, like any good con man, Corbin is adept at drawing you into his confidence. He’s so convincing that you almost want to check for your wallet when you leave the stage."