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Trade Show Magic

In a busy trade show environment its important to stand out from the competition. A trade show magician will attract more visitors to your booth. Product information delivered in an entertaining way is better remembered by perspective clients. The Amazing Corbin knows how to draw a crowd. He excels at keeping the attention of trade show attendees with a blend of entertaining sleight of hand and your product message. Before the show he will take time to learn your products key sales message and included it in his performance. Audience engagement builds a bond between your company and prospective clients.

"Congrats on contributing to us winning booth of the year!"

Richard Sullivan - Remedys RX Specialty Pharmacy

Benefits of hiring a trade show magician:

  • Magic draws crowds and keeps their attention at your booth.
  • Conveys your product message in a fun, memorable way.
  • Engages visitors through participation.
  • Stand out from the competition.
  • Increases Social media attention.
  • Cost Effective marketing method.

Draw attention to your trade show booth.

Trade Show Magician in Ontario CanadaThe Amazing Corbin performs at trade shows across Canada. He will attract trade show attendees to learn more via a combination Entertainment and Information. This is referred to in the business as " Infotainment". During his presentation, Corbin integrates your company’s value and vision statements to attract value and leads. While audiences are enthralled in the message and magic, they are also given exposure to your brand and prompted to provide contact information. When Corbin has attracted the crowd and conveyed your company’s message, he directs visitors to product expert or sales representative from booths company.

Candian Trade Show Magician

Client Review

Richard Sullivan - Remedys RX Specialty Pharmacy

"Congratulations on contributing to us winning booth of the year! That should give you a boost in marketing. I highly recommend you and so does everyone who saw you".